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IMPORTANT:  Re. Ongoing E-mail Hoax - October 2018


We have received several messages recently from customers who have been sent e-mails quoting historically or currently used passwords and making claims of hacks whereby webcam footage has been obtained.

Such e-mails also tend to make demands for payments, usually in the form of Bitcoin and, in some cases appear to have come from the customers own e-mail address.

Please feel free to contact us in this regard using the form below and we will do what we can to explain the situation however we would also encourage you to read descriptions such as the following on the matter:

We are happy to confirm that Jerseymail has not been the subject of a breach either now or in the past and that any mails appearing to originate from Jerseymail have had their sender address spoofed.


Please provide your contact info and tell us how we can help.

If possible please provide an alternative email address and a telephone number so we can get back to you.